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• about Sien gas assistant injection molding equipment.

SIEN is mainly manufacturing and dealing with high-pressure compressor, gas assistant injection molding based on well-known German brand of high-pressure compressor. We have accumulated rich experience and technology in this field.SIEN‘S servides includes: supply advanced development of gas asssitant machine; Gas-assisted technology guidance; technical training for operating worker ;mould trial with gas assistant injection molding.

• principle of gas assistant injection molding

Principle of gas assisted injection molding technology: Injecting high pressure into the interior of injection parts, there will be a hollow cross section. The High pressure nitrogen will come from interior of injection part to outside during injection and holding pressure . So the surface of injection part will close to the surface of mould, then it can eliminate the welding line, reduce the stress caused by the part cooling. It can solve the issue of deformation, and get the good parts without defect.

• advantages being offered by gas injection molding

Solve the problem of plastic shrink mark on the surface, improve the surface quality of the product material saving will be about 20%-40%, as a result of hollowed part.
lower maintenance costs due to less wear and tear on the molds from lower injecton pressure.
lower presure of mould locking, then save electricity powr.
shorten cooling time for injection parts, shorten the cycle time, improve production efficiency.
simplify the mould structure and runner system, reduce the mould cost.
lower internal reaction forece, improve the deformation and improve the strength of injection parts.
increase mechanical strength by improving plastic chemical structure.

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